Sunday, January 30, 2011

How free are we?

We live in a so called 'free country.' Where we're 'free' to say what we want, to do what we want. After all, freedom of speech exists right? As one of the richest nations in the world, we must be entitled to all the joys of an un-opressed, liberated life style correct?

But how free are we really? Sure, if Rich decides to get a horrible new pair of shoes, we're free to slag him off, to force him to take them back to the store. If Asda or Walmart overcharge us, we have the right and the obligation to turn around and demand that we pay for only the goods we purchased. After all, this is our right as citizens. The Trade Descriptions Act lays out that it's our consumer right. We have the right to turn around and demand that we only pay for the goods we require.

So, we live in a liberated nation? Of course not. We are a generation of slaves. We are 'free' to do, whatever the Government constricts us to. We're told we are free daily, yet in reality we're masked. The best way I can describe it in my own words is like wearing a pair of sunglasses. We walk around in a bleak, grey, dictator lead world, but we stroll around happily, with images of sunshine and happiness on the inside of these sunglasses. We are blind.

So why do we let ourselves believe in this fantasy world? Why do we allow ourselves to be walked over. Ignorance? Or are we just happy with this lie? 

We are not free, unless we choose to be.